Reputation Statistic

Players start at zero renown unless they have taken traits or classes which affect renown totals. Every third level a good or lawful player gains a point of renown in addition to any granted by their class. This represents the benefit of others hearing of their deeds. Chaotic or Evil character loses a point instead. For odd balances such as Lawful Evil or Chaotic Good, it will depend on how their actions have been perceived by the population since their last automatic renown bonus. Major heroic, evil or cowardly deeds can all affect a player’s renown as well. Below are charts for renown adjustments and renown benefits.

Gaining Reputation

Action Taken Renown Adjustment
Every third level +1 or -1
Extreme act of kindness or generosity +1
Solving a known problem for many +1
Defeating a major enemy known to be a problem +1
Openly insulting a dangerous, but poorly liked figure +1
Gaining favor or recognition from a major political figure. +1
Successful military action or well known plan +2
Defeating a powerful enemy to all or resolving a major threat +2
Having a major stronghold, base of operations or popular guild +2
Saving the life of a major political figure or favored citizen +3
Causing trouble for a group of people or town -1
Bringing harm, directly or indirectly, to an important figure – 1
Failing in a minor military action or known plan -1
Having an evil deed known -1
Aloof (one time only) -1
Upsetting the wrong person – 1
Act of known cruelty -1
Responsible for the death of an ally or follower – 1
Outright killed of an ally or follower – 2
Killing a well liked person -2
Failing a major military campaign or plan of action -3
Being responsible for catastrophe -5

Benefits of Infamy or Renown Reputations.

Renown Level Benefits
-20 +5 Intimidate throughout the area & Lawful or Good NPCs are regularly trying to thwart your plans.
-10 +5 Intimidate in one ‘kingdom’ & Lawful or Good NPCs avoid associating with you.
-5 +5 Intimidate in one city.
0 You’re no one of note.
5 +5 Diplomacy in one city.
10 +5 Diplomacy in one ‘kingdom’ & Evil or Chaotic NPCs avoid associating with you.
20 +5 Diplomacy throughout the area & Evil or Chaotic NPCs sometimes try to make a name for themselves by causing you trouble.

Leadership Merit Changes

  • Leadership level is not based on your character level, but instead on your Reputation. Good or Lawful characters need a positive number. Chaotic or Evil characters generally need a negative number. Remove the positive or negative and simply take the number itself + Charisma modifier. This is the character’s Leadership score.
  • Familiar, special mount or animal companion modifier still applies.
  • Cohort of different alignment still applies to cohort levels.
  • Responsible for the death of a Cohort still applies to cohort levels.
  • Moves around a lot still applies.
  • All other modifiers are no longer applied as they are part of the Reputation statistic.


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