Ancient Deities

Ancient Deities

Almost all of the ancient deities have faded from existence after the great war concluded. Many of them had no worshipers left to follow them thanks to all the death. Others were no longer worshiped by those who had followed them prior, due to a lack of relevance or sense that they had been oblivious to the plight of their followers. The ancient god of war could find no others to follow him after the Wizard War had left so little civilization behind. For a time, resources were not scarce enough to require fighting between populations and those who might have worshiped him found they had no stomach for war. No matter what caused each ancient god to fade away, the ones who remained represented the most basic aspects of life and the world.


Lawful Good God of the Sun


Chaotic Good Goddess of the Yellow Moon


True Neutral, Genderless God of Many Faces, associated with the Red Moon


Chaotic Neutral God of Chaos and Insanity


True Neutral God of the Wild


Chaotic Good Goddess of Life, Birth and Creation


Lawful Evil God of Death and Decay

Ancient Deities

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