When Dungeons and Dragons becomes literal

Don't piss off something that can breathe fire.

Stoneguard 5
In the Bawdy Lyricorn:
Kai asks Lavone about the weapons on the giant wall of death, paying particular attention to the Empirical weapons used to (unbeknownst to him) slay her father. She threatens his life and informs him that she is only putting up with him by the queen’s order.
Kai tells her off and storms off to his room.
I have a seat at the bar and order a pint, see Lavone is visibly shaken, possibly fearful and saddened as well.
Runi and I meander about the pub and decide to check out the games, I play a few rounds of bones and beads, win back my money and a bit more. Kai re-enters the room. Despite being a Bellvar with the ability to punch through a man’s face, he totally sucks at darts.
Day two – we’re approached by a cheerful looking woman in piecemeal armor, who requests that we reopen the supply chains between the north and here so she may work on her ironyarmor again. She offers to sell us her dragon mail for 5300 gold. Her name is Khara, and I agree to TRY to assist. Anything for a fellow follower of the magical arts.
We receive our summons to the castle and Kai is given his task – take a basket to the northern outpost, and give it to the head officer there. Do not lose, jostle, or expose the contents of the basket to daylight. We are given a wagon and supplies for our journey.
We reach the Fluffy Lamb at the end of day one, decide to stay over. The place bears a musky smell, somewhat old inside and quite dim. After a rather frostly welcome and ominous interaction, we opt to go up the road about half an hour and make camp.
Raccoons broke into our food supply and began gnawing on the straps securing the basket. Kai wakes up to assist. He peeks under the lid of the basket to see a standard litter but nothing of significance.
We run through some more difficult roads the next day but do well overall.
Fort Starmark: Halfway through the next day when we make it to the outpost. We introduce ourselves and show our papers and after a bit of debate amongst the guards are shown inside. Kai asks for an audience with the head officer.
We deliver the basket and find it contains a rainbow dove. I inquire about the trade routes and he claims it is due to fear of the swamp. We agree to clear out the swamp in exchange for supplies and accommodations for the night.
They are excited to have a priestess from Erosana in the fort for the evening. Reports about the swamp threat vary but do have points of consistency.
We make merry for the evening and Runi performs some fireworks. The guards welcome the excitement and we are grateful for some fun along our quest.
The next day we set out to the spot of the first report. We note some rather deep grooves in the mud indicating a creature of some size. I attempt to rouse it by throwing a rock into the pond. Note to self – work on throwing skills. I doubt I could hit the broad side of a barn.
We defer to Nimbus and he directs us further into the swamp. We then hear draconic language state “leave”. We attempt to parlay with the dragon and he tells us he could use servants. We state we’ll consider but that he would have to come forth to show himself to discuss this in person.
Runi kneels and I follow suit. A medium/small black dragon pads out.
“There’s your servant” Runi states and gestures at Kai. “Let’s Go” he proclaims and proceeds to begin walking away. I follow.
Runi casts mage armor and enlarge person on the Kai’s snake mount and in draconic calls out to the dragon “My people have never trusted your kind.”



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