The Decisions we make

The more I have been in this country the deeper my thoughts of questioning the Empire I have lived in and grown to know in every fiber of my being have grown. What I once have dared to even give just a fragment of speculation has blown into full on doubt and fear. Fear that my home. My country is as evil as one would believe the rumors to be, before they are crushed under the infinite weight of the Emperors boot heel and are scattered to the winds.

And here is where I find myself. In this dreary village amongst the enemy of my now enemy who I once called kin. But let me start from the beginning.

After my final disgust with the Empire I choose to throw away my advancement amongst the ranks of my brethren to save this child, this abomination. Why I can not say. Maybe it will be revealed to me in time. Maybe not. I was however unfortunately unable to save her mother. I can only hope if the child grows to know me will forgive me for this as well as my hand in her fathers demise. On the road for nearly a week after barely escaping my former masters I find my self in this village called Willowvane. Having run out of food for the little one as well as myself I enter a Tavern to escape the rainfall that has started just a little while ago. I have no means of barter as well as coin to procure any sustenance for the halfbreed child. I can only take comfort in the here and now sheltered from the elements. My thoughts wander to unsavory means of how I might come to acquire means to feed the little one. She is sleeping. And for this I am grateful. I do not wish to cause anymore notice to us as my appearance may already have done. To rapped up in my thoughts I did not notice the halfbreed female enter and take a seat in the corner adjacent from my own. Once giving her a look over I was taking aback from her appearance. She was very attractive,if one is into that sort of thing mixing with the lesser races. Thinking this I have come to the conclusion that shaking the doctrine of the Empire will take longer then I thought it would. I hold the child rocking her slowly as I make a decision. But as I do so ruff looking men in the middle of the room seem to be scuffling over something. There actions seem to be faint. I however I care little of this countries cultures and at the moment I have my own concerns to tend to. I get up and walk over and as I do so a tall man seems to be making his way over from the bar to the others. I break my gaze as I am now in front of the green haired female. This close up I notice she has a tail! Regaining my composure I engage with her asking if she by chance knows of any of her kin that may be in the area that I may speak with. She asks why and I show her unveiling the child to be of her own kind. She reacts not with surprise but curiosity. She tells me however that she has no dealings with any of the elf kin pure or otherwise in this area. I sit, my hopes dashed somewhat as I speak with her. I try to elude her questions as best I can as she is gracious enough to pay for a meal for me and the child. As we talk and eat the man that seemed to settle the others down leaves after talking with the barkeep. He comes back a little while later with a sack of plants or maybe vegetables of some kind? I don’t know, but it seems he is able to purchase a room with this and enters the back. The men in his absence begin to get unruly once more. My new friend if you wish to call her that and I attempt to defuse the situation. But not as soon as we do so the guards are called and shortly after they arrive. The tall man just entering the room moments before pulls me and Nymthirial the halfbreed to the corner and tells us to go to room 13. I do so fearing for the child’s safety and find the halfbreed female behind me. I make sure she is safe and surprisingly she is still asleep. After a moment discussing our course of action, Nymthirial and I go back to the bar room. It is crowded and I make my way to sit perched on a bar stool to gain a better vantage point. Nymthirial trips as she enters the room and knocks me down as she falls to the grown. My wounds must have been more then I had gathered them to be for I was unable to dodge out the way as I to fell, right onto her. After gaining our footing I notice a beast of some sort ripping and clawing at the front entrance. It seems to be trying to destroy it. I glance back and notice Nymthirial is gone as well as the barkeep and his little helper. I turn my attention onto the guards who seem to be incompetent and unable to take control of the situation. I decide to step in and help them out when the door burst and the beast darts off into the village. The tall man makes his way out as well. I continue to engage with the ruffians. I did not mean to use so much force but after a little bit of tussling I use Kissing the rock and kill one of the three unruly men by caving in his face with one blow. This stops the fighting immediately and all eyes are on me. The others submit to the guards and after some diplomacy the guards let me go. I check the body for valuables seeing he will need them no longer and make my way out the door. I find other bodies and do the same to them when I see the the tall man, Nymthirial, and the beast emerge out of the rainy mist a little ways ahead. We enter the tavern once more and the tall man watches as the guards interrogate the two remaining men. The tall man lends his help and they are able to find that these men where hired to cause a distraction for a band of barbarians to raid the village unhindered. I have no interests in this lands brigands and thieves. So when the tall man who by this time has told us we can call him Runi says he will help the guards in 20 minutes when the guards say they will assemble a posse to go and take care of this problem, I graciously decline. Nymthirial offers a deal to heal me of my wound’s and will help with finding a suitable family for the halfbreed child after we have dealt with the Thieving barbarians. I think about it and decide it is my best option at the moment and I agree with her taking the deal. What strange bed fellows I find myself with. Maybe Our previous reports are incorrect about the level of magic in this country. I seem to have found two spell casters of some sort without even looking for them. Time will tell if they are friend or become my foes. Time, the one thing I do not have much of when I know that every second spending out of the safety of the only place with a chance to stand against the Empire is so far away. They are coming. They will always be coming….


You have focused quite well on your characters’ development and backstory, much more so than I did with mine. My request would be to please use more paragraph breaks as this was a bit cumbersome to read.

The Decisions we make

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