And the Plot Thickens

All is not as it seems in the city of Stoneguard

So to the manor house we went, off to meet the lord of the village. While we were there we were thanked for our assistance and asked if any of us were from Teaton. When we responded no, we were told there was a nobleman that wished to speak with us.

We were escorted upstairs and introduced to Arturo, a minor noble sent by the queen of Stoneguard. He requested that we help him to persuade the people of Willowvine to form an allegiance with Stoneguard, as the threats from Teaton and elsewhere were growing stronger. We agreed, but were unable to persuade the lord of the village as they had tremendous trade with Teaton in spirituous liquors and would be unable to survive without the trade agreement.

The three of us decided to go on to Stoneguard to see what information we might find there. Upon reaching the city we went our separate ways, and I later decided to join Kai as he had requested an audience with the queen.

We were greeted and escorted into the royal chamber where queen Xanri was seated, attended by her confidant and savior Ambrose.

Kai pointed out to the queen that he was not the only ninja in the room and Ambrose disappeared.



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