A most important task

To be or not to be, that is the question

Stoneguard 04/21/13

We were brought down into the dungeon for protection because the castle was on lockdown. We’re escorted back upstairs after a time, and back to the audience chamber before the throne room. The male guards stand on either side of the room, waiting.
The queen, chamberlain, grey green cat (a swamp cat) and the elite guard finally join us. Queen has had swamp cat (as a personal protectorate) for about 3 years and she can communicate with it, likely through magic.
There is a map in the middle of a table, decorated with small markers and flags. Kai appears to recognize these and sits at the table.
Xanri comes in, looks at Kai, states “I don’t trust you. We should have that out now. I will not leave you unwatched.”
Kai defends himself, stating there are not many uprisings in the Empire, cites disappearances of others that have stood against the empire.
Xanri offers Kai partial asylum. He states that he had previously been offered full citizenship. She counters with full protections of citizenship but withholds full benefits until he has proved himself.
Discourse about how he treats me differently than he would have 6 months ago, the kiss, etc.
He claims that his belief is that the empire intends to take over stoneguard but keep her in power as an empress of sorts.
Xanri asks him to deliver a package to the northern outpost.
Shira = swampcat
Kai accepts. Barters for new equipment. He’ll be put up at the bawdy lyricorn.
She asks me why I was traveling with him and if I’d like to continue to do so, and states that I will be compensated accordingly should I do so.
Xanri requests an audience with me and leads me with two elite guards back to the dungeon side room
This is the treasure room of the castle
The imperial is certain to be a target. He will be a danger to me. Assuming Shivonae requests that I continue in his presence, you will be compensated. She pulls out a supersheer, fine, almost invisible – it is one of the treasures that is useless to her people. Looks like gauzy cloth. Looks appropriate for me. It was found in a ruins in the NE. A former diety had used it as vestments, very difficult to damage. Some type of armor. Interacts poorly with all but the most sheer of clothing. She offers it to me.
She asks that I give her regards to Shivonae and offers me lodgings should I need them.
She asks me to observe him. Spy both on and for him. She asks about Runi, and we agree that he ought to the north as well. She apologized for her absentmindedness and states that “it is not every day that ones’ lover attacks them”. She retires to her chambers.

Shivonae is waiting for me in my chambers. She had word from the palace. Confirms imperial presence. I can sense rage but she doesn’t show it. Last time I saw rage was the death of Saithe (he was a founder of the city). It’s said that the woman running the bawdy lyricorn is her daughter. Saithe was killed by imperials.
She asks me if he is the one I was sent for or if he needs to die. If he proves himself to be a mere imperial then swallow this dram of poison and allow him to have whatever he wants and it shall be done.
If he proves himself to be typical of his kingdom and Xanri wishes him to remain whole then see that he makes his way to me.
She offers me a better weapon and funding for my journey. Gives me scorpion whip and 20 gp.
Runi is in the Dragon’s Wake, a tavern near the entrance of the city. Eating roasted rainbow dove with veg and leek and dog’s rib (mushroom) soup, with ale. I ask him where he’s from, he responds by asking me if I am familiar with the great ice trace. Draws it out.
He needs an audience with the queen.
I discuss the task to which I have been appointed and ask him if he would accompany me. In return I promise him an audience with her majesty. We then opt to move on to the Bawdy Lyricorn to meet with Kai.
There, Kai discourses with the waiter about the wall of weapons, and asks me for an introduction to Lavode.



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