Every character begins play with two special traits to start. As noted in the Rules section, some aspects may affect this number, but generally players have the option of any book trait befitting the setting unless otherwise noted. Below are notations of unique traits to the Stoneguard game setting and a few notations regarding adjustments or removals of certain traits from the general lineup.


Hot Zone born

While some people manifest innate magic, you are alive with it. Either you were conceived in a Hot Zone or your mother spent most of your pregnancy in a Hot Zone. Because of this, your body is infused with magical energies. Whatever your race, your favored class is now Sorcerer and you gain the trait of Active Magic. In addition, you take on one or more abnormal traits that may confer special benefits. The DM will roll a D8 against the following list: 1 – unusual hair or eyes, 2 – abnormal skin coloration, 3 – Abnormal blood color (may be seen as evil or monsterous by certain healers), 4 – Redundant organ (Double HP at first level and plus 1 to fortitude saves), 5 – Carapace or thick skin (Natural AC bonus of plus 3, does not double with most armor), 6 – Natural melee weapon (Claws or teeth/beak. 1D4 Crit 20 x3), 7 – Tail (+2 acrobatics), 8 – DM discretion.

Cold Zone born

Either conceived in or your mother spent a fair bit of her pregnancy in a Cold Zone, you are utterly untouched by magic. No magic has any effect on you, good or bad. Spell-like abilities directed at you have no effect. Even the attacks of the strongest mages just flows around you harmlessly. This is a tremendous boon at times and a terrible bane at others. You can never learn any spells, regardless of race or class, you gain no spell-like abilities or other magic related abilities, bonds, etc. Magical items are useless to you and you can never be healed by magical or spell-like means. However, many still consider this a boon for how effectively it protects you against magic. Among the cities aligned with Buffloten, many mothers try to ensure their children are born with this trait, though finding Cold Zones is difficult for a culture that refuses to use magic.



Perhaps you have a Dwarven ancestor, are a Dwarf yourself or were raised in Willovine. Whatever the case, you are adept at brewing and in fact have access to a number of unusual recipes and techniques. You gain Craft (Brewing) as a class skill and gain +1 to it’s use. Additionally, you know at least two forms of exotic alcohols and how to make them. Often these are well guarded secrets and can earn a good profit for the one who knows them. Refer to the list of drinks and pick two from the exotic category that you know how to brew.


When you find yourself drawn into current events, it is only after you have a few more years under your belt than your companions. You aren’t well traveled perhaps, but you have at least gone on a few adventures or perhaps aided in the clearing out of some haunted ruins. Whatever it was that you have done to gain the experience, it has paid off. You start the gain +1 character level at the start of the game as well as XP enough to meet the minimum requirements of your class. You may take this trait more than once with GM approval.


Most common among the Barbarians, but not all that uncommon among the civilized, there are superstitions and taboos that rule your life. While some are quite reasonable or the demands of your deity, most are simply rituals. However, you believe them entirely. When things go poorly, you tend to believe it was the bad omens you saw, when things go well, your careful adherence to rituals and form have aided you. The exact nature of these rituals can be worked out between you and the DM, but the basic effect is that three times per game session, you may roll a D6. A roll of 1 or 2 means you have seen a bad omen or have failed to properly execute your rituals and apply -2 to your next D4 actions that require a roll. A roll of 3, 4 or 5 apply a +1 bonus to the next D4 actions as you believe you have done everything properly and confidence bolsters your actions. A roll of D6 means that your next roll is treated as if you took 20.

Raid Survivor

Barbarians are known for raiding nearby cities. While Stoneguard is relatively safe for the most part from this, most other cities have had to deal with it every few years. Supplies and livestock are the majority of what are taken, but lives are often lost and it is not entirely uncommon for people to have been captured as slaves either to the clan or for sale to other cities. You have survived at least one such raid and have gone out of your way to ensure you never again allow the barbarian hordes to get the better of you. You now understand their tactics, their fighting style and their weaknesses. Divide your character level by 5, round down and this is the bonus you use whenever facing Barbaric Humans or Barbarian class to both your AC and your attacks.

Rich Parents

Born into privilage, your parents were nobles or adventurers who amassed respectable wealth. While you don’t gain access to their vast fortunes, they do supply you with a bit of starting equipment and funds to safeguard your journey into adulthood. At character creation, you have 900 gp to spend. 600 must be spread between the purchase of equipment, transportation or allocated to paying for hired help. The rest is yours to spend freely as you wish.


You are a scholar of history, especially local history. There is a good chance that if you don’t know it, you can find it out by quickly researching in the library of Stoneguard. This learning has been focused heavily on the extended history of the area and various places, but also at times includes items or beings as well if they relate to the history. You gain +1 to Knowledge rolls for History and Local and both count as class skills. Additionally, you may apply the Lore Master ability of Bards when using these knowledges.


Classically Schooled

As the book, but may only be taken by a citizen of Stoneguard.

Magical Lineage

Not an option due to the limited time there have been practitioners going back further than a generation.

Active Magic (Magical Talent)

Semi-common trait. It almost always gives some sort of minor, unusual mark. Must have Innate Magic to take this trait and details on how your Active Magic manifests can be found within that page.


While you generally subsist on food just as everyone else, you must consume a bit of magic or be within a Hot Zone once a week. This is burdensome for those who are not spellcasters, but confers special benefits as well. Once game session, a successful magical attack (spell or spell-like ability) against you will instead fail if you state your intention to consume the attack. If you have consumed no other magic within a week, you must either destroy a magical item, enter a Hot Zone or consume one of your own spells equal to your highest spell level for that day (if you have caster levels).

Dabbler (Alchemist only)

Your early studies in Alchemy has drawn you to understand things a bit better than might otherwise have been the case. As such, you may choose two cantrips and prepare one per day. It may be cast as though you had one caster level or your current caster level, whichever is highest.

Quick Healer

The innate magic in your system manifests itself in an accelerated healing rate. All wounds heal at twice the natural rate if not magically healed. If you take damage that would cause a bleeding wound, the time it continues to bleed is reduced by half. You automatically stabilize when dropping below zero HP. Also, as a side effect, you are able to get by on half as much sleep as others of your race.


Property of Erosana

The primary temple of Erosana is well known for gaining all of their Clerics and other clergy members as slaves and ‘training’ them to their tasks. This trait is required for anyone who is joining the Traditional Temple of Erosana, though not the Reformed Temple of Erosana sect. Beyond allowing you to serve the temple (not only Clerics), it also ensures your strong convictions are engrained deeply and that any actions against you are seen as actions against all other members of the Traditional Temple of Erosana. You gain plus 5 to willpower saves against anything that would force you to act against the teachings of the temple and once per game session, you may call on other members of the Traditional Temple of Erosana for aid. What form this aid takes will depend on the situation, but generally pick one of the following: gain the assistance of an unskilled acolyte for a short time, gain a one time bonus of plus 3 as another member assists you with a specific task, provide legal assistance (plus 5 to a single roll associated with attempting to plead your case), make a request for what assistance they might be able to offer (just explain the situation IC and the DM decides how they will choose to act or what they will provide.

Erosana’s touch

Erosana seems to have taken a particular shine to you. She has blessed you with a strong charm and enhanced your physical features. Moreover, she has granted a natural draw that goes beyond simple charisma. +1 to Charisma or Appearance and once per three sessions, you may Charm Person at a caster level equal to your own or 1, whichever is higher. This charm uses either your appearance or charisma and is effected by spending three full round actions offering seductive words or actions.



Despite coming from a barbaric society, you have been taught by someone how to read and write. Most people will underestimate you and assume that writing things down prevents you from knowing what was conveyed. While it may be annoying at times that everyone feels the need to tell you what is written, it does have it’s advantages. Barbarians taking this class are not held to illiteracy for languages they speak.

Freed slave

Either freed by a kind master, bought by family or having earned your freedom for services rendered to the city, you have found yourself now free of your former bonds. You may have been born to slavery or you may have been one of those sold after a raid by barbarians. Whatever your story, you have gained skills while in service that you can now use for turning a profit between adventuring. Pick any one profession and make it a class skill. Whenever you use this skill, you gain a +3 bonus.

Runaway slave

Stoneguard is one of the few cities where slavery is frowned upon, if not outright banned. Many slaves flee here if they feel they can get away safely and are given sanctuary. Xanri has refused to acknowledge the rights of Teaton or similar cities in the ownership of slaves and only allows their existence in the city for those passing through or those who have been born to it and who do not wish to leave service. The queen even has her guards watching out for those she knows to be runaway slaves. You gain the benefits of Freed slave, but while within the city you may also find that guards appear when you get into trouble more quickly than they otherwise might. Unfortunately when outside of the city, you are at risk of being recaptured if you aren’t careful.


Beastrest born

You were born and raised either in Beastrest or New Beastrest. The original town and it’s replacement are both known for their steadfast guardians. Unwavering attention and will are engrained from before the citizens can walk. Loyalty to the cause is often harder to teach. Still, you managed to hold on to most of the lessons well and though you are no longer residing in the city, you retain your attention to detail and unflinching will. Perception is always a class skill for you and gains a +2 bonus. Also, whenever a will save is made to resist an action or effect that would cause you to turn from your chosen task, you gain a +1 bonus to your saving throw.

Buffloten born

A very rigid set of classes have always been a big part of your life, as well as the teachings of your people that magic was the thing that destroyed the world. Though perhaps you have come to accept magic, part of you still resists its usage, especially on you directly. You gain a +2 saving throw against all forms of magic, but must make a saving thrown against helpful effects that target you as well regardless of if you are consciously resisting.

Stoneguard born

Stoneguard is alone in it’s status as a bastion of knowledge. Lost understandings and new ones alike have found their way into the libraries of the city. You have spent many hours growing up pouring over the texts so carefully tended in scrolls and books. Because of this, you may pick 3 forms of knowledge that will be class skills for you and gain 4 points to distribute between them. Your choices of knowledge are subject to DM discretion.

Teaton Born

While Stoneguard may be a bastion of knowledge, Teaton doesn’t have it’s same homogeneous nature. Every sort of sentient being can be found wandering into town at some point or another and every variety of culture found in the area has carved itself out a small part of the city. Because of this exposure, you gain a great deal of confidence in your dealings with others. Pick one of the following: Bluff, Diplomacy or Sense Motive. This is always a class skill for you and you gain a +1 when using it.

Saithe Trained

You were one of the rare few who were selected to train directly under Saithe prior to his death. Perhaps you were going to be one of the Huntsmen or maybe just one of the recruits that he oversaw for a short few months before the end, but it was done with an intensity that can only be found in a worried father expecting to lead an army to find his child. While you didn’t become more powerful physically than might otherwise have been the case, you did gain a powerful sense of the subtleties of combat that could lead a weaker man to win a fight. Sometimes a well timed word or two at just the right moment makes all the difference. Intimidate is a class skill for you with a +2 bonus to attempts made just prior to combat or after a successful critical attack. You also gain +1 reputation at the start of the game.

Barbarian Adoption

You were captured in a barbarian raid while quite young. For whatever reason, you were adopted into the clan rather than being enslaved or sold. You gain the benefits of standard Adopted trait, but gain additional aspects. You suffer a -1 to diplomacy when dealing with non-barbarian populations, linguistics and all knowledges, but gain +3 to diplomacy when dealing with the barbarian clans and +1 to intimidate checks.

Hero Worshiper

You have grown up hearing the tales of the city founders. Two of them are still alive, the other two have died in manners worthy of heros, or at least so the stories go. You have come to model your life after the ideals of what you believe these people to be. While you may one day find that the reality is not the same as the stories, you have still gained much from your idealizing. Depending on which figure you favored, you will have worked harder on different aspects of yourself.

Alton – Known for strength of body, if legend is to be believed he is the only man in the area to have ever died and survive it. There are in fact two killing weapons listed on the wall of Saithe’s former tavern. Apparently he didn’t survive the second time of dying however. Even so, almost every tale of him mentions his blind willingness to enter into the fray and to manage to come out on top. You have strove to have that same sort of bravery and strength. Add +1 to your base strength and gain a +1 to all rolls that involve saving against fear or a loss of morale.

Saithe – Elven survivor of the genocide of Drowa, he was often an enigma. At times he is said to have been something stranger than even just an elf. He was known for his silver tongue and the strange choice in personal weapons. You gain an automatic Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Manacles and gain Bluff as a class skill with a +1.

Warrum – Freewilled and prone to going is own way, he is said to have aided the queen heavily, but only on his own terms. Founder of the Swords and Shields of War, he has aided the city on many occasions. This sorcerer is still alive today, though not in the city. While you may not have managed spellcasting, you have been able to focus on his known Alchemy. You gain Craft: Alchemy as a class skill and receive a +3 bonus in it’s usage.

Xanri – Destined Queen of Stoneguard, Xanri is known to be largely pacifistic. This is not to say she is weak or incapable of setting that aside if her duties require it. She is loved by much of the city and has led the city to grow and prosper after it’s restoration. Not everyone could have made things work, since all she had initially was an empty, if whole, city and three companions. You have tried to model your life after her supposed studies and obvious skills. You gain both Diplomacy and Knowledge: Nobility as a class skill and receive a +2 to all rolls involving them.

Favored Citizen of Stoneguard

You were born and raised in city or its surrounding farms and have gained a positive reputation. You know many of the region’s secrets, and the locals already know who you are. You are well liked in town, and you’ll have lots of friends in the region, but the town’s tougher side sees you as a snitch or a pansy. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (local) checks, and Knowledge (local) is always a class skill for you. You also gain +2 to your reputation while in the city and you can choose any one law-abiding citizen of Stoneguard from below as an ally; depending on the person you pick, you’ll get different benefits.

Tavern Owner: The owners of the four tavern owners/innkeepers in town are each solid (if not always upstanding) citizens who look after those who have fallen into their favor. Either the owner of the Bawdy Liocorn, the Dragon’s Wake or the Golden Ghoul have each earned a status among the lesser nobility, and as one of one of their friends, you’re guaranteed a place to eat and sleep for free within that Tavern. Each of them has unique contacts with groups who might buy things off of you. They may sell certain loot for you—as a result, you gain an additional 5% over the amount of gp you normally would get from selling off a category of item as follows: Golden Ghoul: Stolen goods, Dragon’s Wake: General goods, weapons and armor, Bawdy Liocorn: Magic items or ancient technologies. Goods can’t be sold at the Dancing Maiden, but instead whenever you practice a profession or performance there, your total gains are increased by 10%.

Sheriff: The no nonsense arm of the law, is like the uncle you never had. The benefits of being close friends with the town sheriff are extensive, and you can call in favors from him once per every three game sessions. A favor can either get you out of a legal jam, hook you up with a town guard for help, or give you a one-time +10 bonus on a Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check made against any local person as long as the request is not outside of the limits of the law.

Merchant: You have grown to be a trusted customer of one of the many local merchants. Not only are you often offered the first chance at interesting items that pass through the store, but you also get a +10% bonus to any goods you sell there. Buying goods is generally -5% of the base cost as well.

Disreputable Child

You were born and raised in Stoneguard. You know many of the region’s secrets and the locals already know who you are. You aren’t quite hated in town, but folk seem to think you’re a troublemaker and a bastard and not to be trusted. The town’s tougher folk respect you, but the law-abiding citizens don’t. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (local) checks, and Knowledge (local) is a class skill for you. In addition, you suffer a -2 reputation with citizens of the city and you can choose any one notorious citizen from below as an ally; depending on the person you pick, you’ll get different benefits.

Apothecary: Everyone suspects the aged apothecary sells poisons under the table when the city guards aren’t looking from some hidden stock. You’re one of the few in town who know this for a fact. You start the game with 100 gp worth of poison, and the apothecary will continue to sell you poison as long as you don’t spread the word.

Bitter Nobleman: A local unscrupulous family was removed from power recently after it was revealed that they had heavy ties to criminal activity. Their reputation has suffered more than their fortunes have and they are eager for a chance to regain their former prestige. You’re one of the ones he’s selected as an agent. Choose one of the following skills: Bluff, Sleight of Hand, or Stealth. Your work for the family gives you a +1 trait bonus on that skill, and it is always a class skill for you.

Lawspeaker: One of the local Guild of the Lawspeakers has taken a liking to you or feels you are going to get in enough trouble to need his help regularly. As such, he will stand on your behalf for a reduced fee (-10%) and once per session, will speak on your behalf, perhaps even suggesting potential legal action towards a citizen of the city. This may only be used once on a given individual, but offers a +10 to a Bluff, Diplomacy or Intimidate roll.

Famous Parent

Notable figures, Nobility or even just parents who happened to show up in some story about another famous person. Whatever the case, you get a bit of their glory by default. Of course, you can still do things that eventually dissuade others from seeing you as falling with the shadow cast by your parent, but at least early on you gain a bit of an advantage. +4 to your initial reputation.

Infamous Past

Unlike the Black Sheep, you are not just seen as untrustworthy. You are seen as dangerously stupid or evil. It may not be a deserved reputation, but fair is rarely a factor. You begin play with an initial -4 to reputation and any evil characters who know of your past are likely to act more favorably towards you. Either because they see you as a useful potential pawn or as a potentially dangerous equal.


You are not from town, or in many cases, this area at all; you’ve recently come from somewhere else and are hoping to make your fortune here. Pick one of the following reasons to be a newcomer to the area in an age where long distance travel is so difficult and rare.

Lore Seeker: The secrets of an ancient fallen civilizations intrigue you, particularly the magical traditions the world prior to the Wizard War. You’ve studied magic intensely, and hope to increase that knowledge by adding ancient lore. You’ve come to the region to pursue that study, and chose the town as your base because of the unique magical nature of it’s return and the insights it can offer into a time before the world was broken. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (arcana) checks, and Knowledge (arcana) is a class skill for you. If you cast arcane spells, pick three spells on your spell list. You are particularly adept at casting these spells, so they function at +1 caster level when you cast them, and their save DCs (if any) gain a +1 bonus.

Exile: For whatever reason, you were forced to flee your homeland. Chance or fate has brought you to town, and it’s here that your money ran out, leaving you stranded in this city. You also believe you may be pursued by enemies from your homeland, and that has made you paranoid and quick to react to danger. You gain a +2 trait bonus on Initiative checks. This trait is common to Sorcerers from the cities associated with Buffloten.

Missionary: You have come to town to see about expanding the presence of your chosen faith after receiving visions that told you your faith is needed in the region—what that need is, though, you’re not quite sure. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (religion) checks, and Knowledge (religion) is a class skill for you. If you cast divine spells, pick three spells on your spell list. You are particularly adept at casting these spells, so they function at +1 caster level when you cast them, and their save DCs (if any) gain a +1 bonus.

Nunian Half-Orc: You hale from the Nunian Islands and are exploring this strange world of the mainland. Travel has brought you to the lands of Stoneguard and for once you have found what seems to be stable civilization. Everyone is still very strange in their behavior, but for now it is a nice change of pace. You gain the Nunian Half-Orc race and are free to pick the Monk Class if you wish.

Advanced Scout: You are here to find out what you can about the area on behalf of the Empire. This is just one of many places around the world they have transported a few advanced scouts to. You weren’t one of those blessed with any real responsibilities beyond information gathering, but you are aware that the higher ups feel there is something here worth having. While you were born in recent times, unlike many of the lords and generals of the Empire, you were trained in the ancient manners. You gain access to the Ninja class.

Imperial Traitor: You have been trained as part of the Order of the Warrior and held this status in high regard. However, the more you learn of your ancient lords and generals, the more you realize they do not uphold the same honor that has been instilled in you. When you were sent here as part of an early unit to defend the base of operations, you had mixed feelings. Rumors of how your people had been subjugated by your elder generation has never seemed of much importance before, but now as you watch preparations being made to conquer another land, you realize that you don’t care for it. After having a chance to deal with a few local civilized people, you finally made the decision to go Ronin.
Perhaps you long to serve another worthy lord one day, but for now you must walk the path alone. Some semblance of your loyalty to your own people remains however and you are unlikely to warn others right away of what awaits on the horizon. You gain access to the Samurai Class, but must take the Ronin Order initially. You may gain the Order of the Warrior if you can prove worthiness to a local Lord/Lady and gain their acceptance of you as one of their personal servants. You also gain the wrath of the Empire, should they have the chance to take you on directly.

Scarred Sage: Hailing from the lands to the South, you were a member of the Empire that has risen there. Strange ancient magics have been taught to you as part of your training to aid in their exploration of other lands. Something has caused you to turn your back on them, but you still follow the path of the ancient Magi. You have access to the Scarred Sage Archetype.

Fate Touched

The hand of fate seems to have a strong hold in your life. While you yourself may not be aware of it, somewhere a diviner has become aware of your scheme in the future of things. Most likely, they only know some trait that will identify you at the right time and place, but when that comes to pass, they will immediately recognize you for the prophesied individual. When they know you for who you are, they will most likely make you aware of your place in the tapestry of fate and possibly task you with fulfilling your destiny if they are so inclined. This generally is no easy task and confers no innate benefits. However, until your fate is revealed, things will tend to favor your successful survival. All saving throws until your fate is revealed will gain a +3 bonus and if you drop below zero in hit points you automatically stabilize. Once fate is revealed, your benefits fade and you must rely on your own skills and knowledge to survive your fate.



Reformed Kobold

Part of a very small number of Kobold babies rescued and raised by Fhaen Riivn, you have been raised among the civilized races. Small, scaly and less powerful mentally as some of your peers, you have proven to be deft enough and have taken to civilization better than anyone could have ever expected. You see her as your mother and want to make her proud. As such, you’ve taken action to become an important and contributing member of the society that has grudgingly accepted your presence. You gain Kobold as a race.

Fiendish Heritage

Whether by an ancestor, a direct parent or a fiendish spell, you were born with traits of the Devils. You gain strange powers, but also are faced with the fear and repulsion of your more pure-blooded fellows. Taken with one Trait, this opens the Devil-Blood Racial adjustment to you. If you spend both Traits on this, you gain access to the Half-Devil Racial adjustment (pending DM approval)


Living under the streets of Achuh, even if those above call it by another name, you have grown curious about those above. The treaty with the world above doesn’t forbid you from joining the activities of the city, but it does mean you have to keep a low profile. As long as you don’t make yourself too overt, there shouldn’t be any problems. At a cost of two traits, you may take the Wererat Racial adjustment to the Human race.


Brottor’s Kin

The one of the first two exiled Dwarves from Redstone was Brottor. He has since settled into life here well, opening up a large brewery and offering a number of interesting drinks unheard of before his arrival. Since that time, other Dwarves have arrived from his lands, crossing great distances to end their journey here. Some of them were exiles, others became curious after the exiles were sent away to see what might be out there beyond the mines. You however are a direct kin to Brottor. You may have been exiled as well or simply left to find him. Whatever the case, you are family and as such, get the benefit of that kinship. Start the game with three containers of exotic alcohols and can purchase any of his offerings at the wholesale price he offers the taverns rather than market price.


Drowla Survivor

Few Coastal Elves have survived the genocide two and a half decades ago. Many who did were living away from the main cities or otherwise in some distant place when things occurred. Most of those who returned and found their people imprisoned became freedom fighters and died shortly thereafter. Most of those captured were used in strange experiments. Several of the early experiments managed to live and a number of Elves managed to escape. You have scars or strange deformities that mark you as a survivor of these events and suffer great mental anguish over them. However, among both humans and Elves you find a great deal of either pity or reverence. Your survival through such conditions is the stuff of legends and because of this you gain +10 reputation among any who recognize you for what you are.


Polymorphed form

Not a single true Gnome lives on the mainland in the modern age. However, some do exist who have been transformed into Gnomes either through polymorph spells or the rare resurrection spells. You are either one of these or your parents were. While you culturally and racially identify with your natural race, you bear all the statistics and appearance associated with the race of Gnome.


Civil Society

Unlike the majority of Half-Orcs, you did not grow up among the Barbarians. While you did suffer many of the expected problems with being a Half-Orc among humans, you were generally accepted among civil society. Rather than letting yourself react to the slings and arrows that did come your way, you learned to act as civilized people do. You’ve come to have a barbed tongue and sharp wit that allows you to talk your way out of situations rather than having to resort to brutishly intimidating or fighting. You gain either Diplomacy or Bluff as a class skill and may apply +2 to all rolls of that skill. You also gain +1 to Charisma and -1 strength thanks to the strong focus on non-physical responses.

Barbarian Lord

Half-Orcs are most common among the Barbarian clans. However, few of them are trusted to positions of higher leadership. You are an exception. While you may not yet be a Chief or anything of that nature, you are trusted to act as a leader on raids and are considered an equal among your human peers. Whenever dealing with Barbarian clans, you may rely on your status to gain a +1 bonus to all rolls to influence other Barbarians. When with or near your clan members, you may call on them once per game session for assistance in combat or


Failed Apprentice is not an available option.


There and back again

Unlike most of your kin, you suffer a tremendous wanderlust. Even more than the average Nomadic Halfling, you feel a need to constantly explore, learn and find new things. While others are content to find a city different from the one they grew up in, you want to find new things to see constantly. It has led you all sorts of places and may have nearly cost you your life a few times, but you have come away with unique knowledges. Pick any 3 knowledges as class skills and gain a +1 whenever you use them.

Family Tree

Halflings, especially Hearth Halflings, are well known for being prone to large families of close knit ties. Your family is larger than most and spread among several of your people’s cities. You may even have family among the human civilization. When traveling among Halfling lands, you will always have a place to stay and a warm bowl to eat from. Your traveling companions may gain grudging allowance as well. You have an additional relative living in one of the three major human cities in the area. Pick the city at character creation and thereafter you will always have a bed and food in that town, though they do not have room or supplies enough to support your companions as well.


Scholar of Ruins is a common trait among the learned humans of Stoneguard.

Nunian Sensei taught

Despite everything, a Nunian Sensei has taken a shine to your potential. While you can never master the traits inborn in their race, you can master many of their arts. You’ve proven so far to at least have gained some understanding and now seek to improve. Monk Martial Artist Archetype is a Class option for you now.


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