Races in Stoneguard

The races in the area around the city of Stoneguard are at times quite limited. Almost the entire city’s population is human, though other races do pass through from time to time. Below is a list of potential races and the adjustments they have to their sheets.


Variation Notes
Temple Centaur New to the area through magic. Almost entirely females. Can be obtained post-CG, but not at CG.


A few Devil-blooded have appeared from time to time even before the unpleasant deal struck with the creatures to defeat Drowla. In the last few years, a few Half-Devils have begun to appear as well, signs that the Devils have been active among the races. Almost all of the Clergy of Good, Chaotic and Neutral aligned deities, as well as most of the general population, find this to be a very bad omen of things to come. It is still believed that the Devils are staying within the limits of their territory to the West, but since the treaty said nothing about those who weren’t actual full devils, it is believed they are seeking to exploit the loophole.

Blood level Quick Reference
Tiefling Quite far removed from your fiendish background, you still show signs of it.
Devil-blooded Several generations removed, you still hold some degree of power from your ancestors. Must have one level of Fiendish Heritage.
Half-Devil One of your parents is a Devil and you bear a great deal of similarity to your racial line. Must have two levels of Fiendish Heritage.


Locally, there is only one known clan of Dwarves. Local is a relative term here, as they are more than a hundred miles away in one of the few mountains along the western coastline. All Dwarves have beards. Men, women and children alike. To have one’s beard shaved is one of the ultimate insults and dishonors for a Dwarf, though they don’t generally make this known to outsiders. The only hints are generally in insults like calling someone a ‘Beardless <something>’. Thankfully, they find the human inability to tell male and female Dwarves apart humorous rather than insulting.

Subrace Variations Notes
Redstone Replace the racial hatred with Stubborn Players picking Dwarf are either exiles from the Redstone Kingdom or relatives of Brotor.


Several varieties of elf exist locally. Coastal Elves are believed to have descended from High Elves. Arboreal descended from Wood Elves. Wild Elves are believed to have been Gray Elves before several generations of exposure to Hotzones. Drow have long been believed extinct and most don’t even realize they ever existed in the first place. Blood Elves are something entirely new locally, not yet well understood or known.

Subrace Variations Notes
Arboreal Woodcraft racial trait. Most common elves locally, they are often loners by nature.
Blood Lightbringer racial trait. All but unknown yet locally, they seem to trace back just a bit older than Wild Elves in origin.
Coastal Replace Elven Magic with Spirit of the Waters Killed off in the last twenty years. Rare exceptions still wandering alone.
Drow Silent hunter racial trait. The stuff of stories, they are believed extinct. Not considered a PC race for Stoneguard
Wild DreamSpeakers racial trait. Strange modern elves who live much of their lives in hotzones.


Gnomes are believed to be entirely extinct at in the current age. Scholars who study such things have read that they left the mainland and joined together in their continent of origin shortly before the Wizard Wars began. When one appears at all, it is always proven to be someone polymorphed from whatever their former race was. They are technically playable, but only under these circumstances. No racial variation from the standard is acceptable. You must also spend one of your initial free traits on the gnomish racial trait: Polymorphed Form

Half Bloods

The two most common half-bloods have a section unto themselves. Half-Elves and Half-Orcs aren’t the only crosses that exist.

Cobalt Children of Dwarves and Gnomes. Largely unheard of in this era. See: Gnomes
Kinder The children of Halflings and Gnomes. Largely unheard of in this era. See: Gnomes
Mordalf The horrible spawn of Elves and Orcs. Always Evil.
Mule Born of Dwarves and Halflings, they are rudely referred to as mules because of infertility.
Oddlings A term used for a being born of any blend of Dwarf, Halfling or Gnome with a human. Always sterile.


Exceptionally rare beings, they sometimes fit into certain towns just fine, in other cases they are seen as changelings and are killed when possible. Buffloten is the worst city for it’s feelings on Half-Elves, though Teaton has many with racist feelings against them also. Generally if one finds a Half-Elf, it is going to be of the Arboreal variety.

Subrace Variations Notes
Arboreal Standard half-elf Common in some areas, though surprisingly rare in Stoneguard.
Blood Arcane training racial trait All but unheard of due to a strong desire for racial purity.
Coastal Water child racial trait More common than they once were due to the survivors pairing off with human partners.
Drow Sociable racial trait Not a PC option.
Wild Dual minded racial trait Practically unheard of.


Almost no Half-Orcs exist in any cities of size. They are found more commonly among the barbarian tribes, products of rape by either the barbarians or the Orcs depending on which side won out on combat. Generally the barbarian tribes are less inclined to rape Orcish women for obvious reasons or to let the product of that union live, so most are born of human mothers.

There is one subrace of Orc living on a remote set of islands. This race is the only race to produce Monks. The origins of this subrace derive from the Wizard Wars.

Subrace Variations Notes
Eastern Book Standard statistics Slightly more evolved, so to speak, Eastern Orcs breed more civil Eastern Half-orcs. Not PCs at this time.
Nunian Rock Climber racial trait, Favored class Monk. +1 str, -2 chr Only race with Monks. Must take Foreigner trait.
Western Stat bonus shift to +2 str, +2 con, -4 chr Orcs are brutish throwbacks locally and their progeny suffer some of that racial difficulty.


Generally speaking, Halflings prefer the company of their own and live in small communities often not listed on most maps. They lead unobtrusive lives and keep to themselves. They even have two of their on deities. Occasionally one or more will get an unusual desire for wanderlust and end up visiting the cities of other races. Some find they quite enjoy these other cultures and stay. Of any race likely to be found among the human populations, this is the most common.

Subrace Variations Notes
Hearth Optional Practical racial trait Several small villages of them nearby
Nomadic Wanderlust racial trait Mingle in human civilizations almost exclusively if at all.


Certain mindsets and mannerisms are common to certain groupings. Not every city is connected with a ‘kingdom’, but they are still often able to be grouped similarly. Beastrest for example, is an independent city, but aligns most closely to the ‘subrace’ of Stoneguard Humans and are of this variety in terms of statistics.

Subrace Variations Notes
Barbarians Heart of the wilderness racial trait, favored class barbarian A number of throwback clans of humans who prefer to hunt, gather or raid for what they need.
Bufflotens Heart of the fields racial trait, favored class fighter A magic hating kingdom, they are strong willed folk
Imperial As per book standard The Empire has focused it’s people on being as flexible within the roles they are given as possible.
Stoneguardie As per book standard Several towns and one outpost now fall under their umbrella
Teatonian Heart of the streets racial trait, favored class rogue One of the largest cities in the area, several smaller towns follow their example


Seen as yipping reptiles of little note or value, a few have been saved by the daughter of Saithe. Raised among humans, they have proven to be surprisingly civilized.

Subrace Variations Notes
Stoneguard Kobold No light sensitivity. Player must pick the Kobold racial trait.


A little known family of wererats lives below stoneguard. From time to time, one of them grows a bit less timid than it’s kin and takes to living among the humans rather than just visiting to fulfill needs.

Race Quick Reference
Sewerfolk Must take the Sewerfolk Trait.
Infected Condition contracted through a Sewerfolk bite.


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