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Hundreds of years ago, a great war was waged. Blending the technology of other dimensions with the magic of their world had proven to be too much too quickly and Kingdoms escalated conflicts to unsustainable levels. Some tried to isolate themselves, while others tried to overpower all others who came before them. Everyone was affected and eventually even the planet itself was forever altered.

Most races were plunged into a dark age of barbarity that is even now still only just being recovered from. The main continent of placeholder was split down the middle by parallel mountain ranges and an arctic wind, one continent is all but gone, yet another is hidden away and disconnected behind a strange shield of energy. All around the world magic is still erratic. Zones of wild magic and weak magic slowly shift and swirl around the planet like slow motion storms.

And tucked in rare spots, civilization has begun to reassert itself. Lost knowledge is slowly being restored and cities are being built up. One city is different. Rather than being built up physically, it was restored to the form it once wore before the end of the wars. Stoneguard has been returned to life thanks to a prophesy fulfilled and has been growing in population thanks to the efforts of it’s queen.

All is not entirely well however. Several neighboring powers are displeased with the rise of the city. to the East, Buffloten and the cities who stand with it are very much against the return of studied magic to the worlds. To the South, the cities allied with Teaton as well as the most powerful denomination of Erosana’s following within that city hold a long grudge against their northern neighbors. To the West, the dark beings are held in an uneasy truce after the destruction of a powerful mage that both sides wanted removed. Barbarians and other potential enemies roam abroad and fill most of the uncivilized world around them.

It is in this city that you find yourself, trying to make your way in a tiny island of stability in a world of chaos. This is not to say that all is peaceful within the city. Odd changes are afoot these days. Twenty years since it’s rebirth, Stoneguard faces growing pains and a recent attempt on the life of it’s Queen.


The history of the world, local area and the city itself are extensive. Not everything can be found here, but a great deal of useful information is present. Some sections are entirely unknown by the people living here. I dare say most of things beyond the local area are a mystery, but when a reference is needed after research or lore rolls, the rich history of the world is here and ready for use.


Places of interest are all to be noted here. While there will be links to maps, the entries will be more focused on the details of various areas and what may lay in those places. There will be an obvious concentration of information relating to the areas nearest to Stoneguard, but many other areas of the world will also be included. Most especially those areas relating to specific classes, races or other such things.


The various deities of the world can be learned about here. The nature of their godhood, their followers and the various permutations of the religion associated with them are all contained within. While some aspects of this are most useful for clerics, very few people in this harsh world are truly atheistic. Most will at least give passing reverence to a patron deity. Others will also pay homage to whatever deity happens to be over the aspect of life currently favoring them. An average PC isn’t going to be endlessly espousing the glory of a god, but the are likely to have their actions guided a bit by the tenants of the faith that is most dear to their heart.

People of Note

There are a number of people in the world as a whole and in the local area who are of supreme note. While none in Stoneguard are likely to know of Lord Jerrid, they will all know of such people as the Coastal Elf Siathe or Queen Xanri. With time and luck, the players themselves may find that their own names are known to the majority of locals.


The rules for this setting can be found in this section. Information on races, classes, traits and other variations from the Pathfinder core rules will be found here. There will also be a link to the pathfinder site for quick reference regarding character creation and other core rules.

Main Page

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