Irony Hide

Black Dragonhide Armor


A simple hide armor, roughly an inch thick, with a green tinted black color. The hide is coated in shiny black scales that shift slightly with the movements of the wearer. Even if it weren’t crafted from Black Dragonhide, it would still be a nice piece. It is clearly well crafted.


Crafted from the best bits of Shaumuhra’s hide, it was crafted by a little-known armorer in Redwater. The skin was paid well for and when he finished, it was a far more impressive piece than anyone had expected. He called is simply Blackhide and for several years he wore it himself, using it to explore the countryside alone. Two years ago, he and the armor disappeared. It was only in the last few months that it has reappeared, held by Khara, a member of the Mystic College who states that it is indeed the same armor as was formerly called Blackhide. She has renamed it Irony Hide, though she is being mysterious about why. She has also been quite vocal that if someone thinks they can afford the piece, they are welcome to come find her.

Irony Hide

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