Black Dragonhide Shield


A large shield weighing approximately ten pounds. The surface is covered with dull black scales roughly the size of a small hand. The hide is a nearly black color, though it has a sickly green tint. The back holds no scales, but the exposed leather is rather rough.


Crafted from the hide of Shaumuhra, Blackshield is one of only two pieces of armor made from the dead beast’s remains. The other was Irony Hide. Originally created by a Master Armorer in Redforge, it has changed hands three times. Each time it was purchased by another armorer seeking to use it as a display item, implying their wares were of similar quality and unique nature. It currently resides at the Iron Anvil in the city of Stoneguard. The price is high and none have cared to buy it for actual use as of yet. If things continue, it will likely be sold to yet another armorer to be hung in a new shop.

The Current asking Price is 350gp


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