Lessons to be learned

So it was...

“Why is there so much to go over?” The young ruler-to-be whined.

“Simple Master Durns, if you are to rule effectively, you must understand the nature of events that have come before in the area where you rule.” The historian used formal terms, but smiled lightly and spoke in a familiar tone.

“A bunch of dead people did a lot of things to build up a Kingdom. They paid attention to the advice that was bolstered by a series of visions and put a few things in place. Then they died anyway.” The boy skewed his face. “So what?”

“That advice kept the royal bloodline alive until the time of restoration.” Patience never wavered in the voice of the old man. “If they had ignored that advice, the line would be broken and the city would never have been restored.”

“So? It didn’t have the same name, rules or any support. It might as well have been a new city entirely.”

“You will understand why bloodline matters when you get older. The city couldn’t have been restored at all otherwise and as we have already discussed, that might have left the entire area in a savage state.” The old man skimmed over a few books and scrolls, finding what he is looking for and opening up to a marked page. “We have already discussed the first twenty years of the city of Stoneguard, as well as the period of time leading up to the 23 year when the assassination attempt was made on the queen.”

The boy rolled his eyes and nodded. “Yep.”

“Now is time to discuss the events that came about after that attack and subsequent discovery of the existence of the Jerridian Empire.” The historian lifted a book titled: The Vixen Priestess, the Passderian and the Imperial Traitor. “With Saithe dead, the birth of the centaur race, and the changes in a number of key positions within the city, a chain of events led to a new and unexpected set of complications. No one, even those who could look forward into the future, could predict just how things would change in so short a period of time.”

As the historian spoke, the young royal studied a number of the papers on the table, fixing on a portrait of the historical figures tied to the current lesson and his attention suddenly perked on seeing the half-elven woman dressed in temple garb for the Goddess Erosana. For once, he was all ears… and eyes..

“We have many letters, journals and accounts from this period of time.” The historian opened the book and began to read off the first bookmarked passage…


Very nice! Better then what I might come up with that is for sure. :)

Lessons to be learned

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