elcome to the city of Stoneguard. Great stone statues of armored men tower before the gates of an ancient city restored some twenty years ago thanks to a group of unlikely allies. A prophesied queen has taken her rightful place and the city has prospered. Still, the world is broken and while Stoneguard is grown, it has not done so without making a few powerful enemies. The city is unlike any other and jealousy and resentment from other city-states is not uncommon either.


ou find yourself here, either by birth or by travels and have accepted a place among the citizens. The town has become the hub of the civilized world and by a twist of fate you yourself have come to be tangled in the events that constantly swirl about the city. What is to come of you in this place. Time will tell as you navigate the physical and political obstacles that plague the world at large and the city in specific. Do you dare to step forward when fate offers you an interesting change in directions or would you rather hold back and play things safe. If you choose to take a chance, then move forward and enter the city of Stoneguard.

If you wish to undertake the challenge fate has offered, then step forward and face your destiny.

Stoneguard is a Pathfinder game. For reference on character creation for players who do not have the book, please go here or here.


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